Our Story

Owners Deb Groesser and Cathy Michaels have decades of gallery experience, and bring that love of sharing art to the welcoming community of the front range.  

Deb Groesser (pronounced ‘Grazier’) has been a professional artist for more than forty years, and opened her first gallery in Lake Almanor, California in 1991.  That gallery and frame shop grew and grew as it’s following spread widely, and is still flourishing in the same beautiful, small mountain town. When the pull of being closer to family precipitated a move to Fort Collins six years ago, the Blue Goose Gallery was turned into an Artist’s Cooperative, with forty-five artists all working together to maintain the joy and success of the gallery.  That area is a beautiful place to visit, near the Lassen National Park.  Put it on your travel list!

Cathy Michaels has worn many hats in the professional world, and enjoys handling the details of the business side.  Being a successful realtor for 13 years, an office supply store owner, a framer, an art school director, a medical office assistant, and more, serves as the perfect background for taking care of the abundance of details related to a busy gallery.  With nearly 100 artists in the Blue Moose, we are a lot to take care of!  

We love meeting customers who visit the gallery.

 “Come in and say hello!"


Our customers are special

Owner Deb Grosser gives a thumbs up for the Blue Moose! "It is our goal to provide a happy place to enjoy often. BLUE MOOSE is the FUN place to be! "

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More from our customers

"Blue Moose is a delight adventure in Creativity! From the moment you walk in the door there is a warm greeting and a sense of being a welcomed friend. Cathy and Deb and their staff create a special environment of beauty and Joy. Art becomes accessible, and ultimately, affordable. The classes offer opportunities to play and experience a wide variety of artistic avenues. Every visit reveals something new and amazing. JOY is what I experience at Blue Moose! 

-Rev. Cheri Jensen
Fort Collins