Our Story

In October 2016 Blue Moose Gallery opened its doors with owners Deb Groesser  (pronounced "Grazier") and Cathy Michaels at the helm.  In 2018 Raine Greene and Julie Grillo joined as co-owners.  The four of them together bring years of gallery, business, leadership and customer service experience to the gallery. Collectively they bring a love of sharing art and cultivating relationships to the welcoming community of the Front Range.


Deb Groesser: Deb has been a professional artist for more than forty years. In 1991 she opened up her first gallery and frame shop, Northwoods Gallery, in Lake Almanor, California.  From its humble beginnings, the impressive gallery grew into the Blue Goose Gallery and cultivated a wide following and continues to flourish to this day. In 2012 when the pull of family precipitated a move for Deb to Fort Collins, Colorado, The Blue Goose was turned into a Artists' Cooperative. Deb continues to be on the board there and she travels back several times a year to teach. Deb's experience as a working artist and gallery owner has proved invaluable in starting the Blue Moose Art Gallery and Gifts. She is able to mentor our growing band of artists and her classes here are legendary! When she is not working at the gallery, Deb loves to travel, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with her grandsons, and paint in her studio. 


Cathy Michaels: Cathy Michaels has worn many hats in the professional world. She has been a successful realtor, an office supply store owner, a framer, an art school director, a medical office assistant, and more. Cathy really enjoys handling the details of the business side and her background has given her the wherewithal needed to take care of the abundance of details related to running a  busy gallery.  When Cathy isn't busy with the business details of the gallery, she loves to travel, spend time with her family, and work on her new creative venture- jewelry making!


Julie Grillo: Julie is our resident gallery director overseeing our special events and classes. Her experience in event planning on college campuses, and her organizational skills makes her the perfect person to head up all the fun we have each month here. In addition to her mastery of events, she occasionally teaches quilt-making basics at the gallery. When Julie isn't busy promoting our events and wrangling artists into teaching classes, she loves to travel, is a devoted mom of two boys, proud wife to Bill, a community volunteer, and makes quillows (quilt+pillow=quillow) to give to those in need.


Raine Greene: Raine hails from the South and her southern hospitality will not go unnoticed when you visit the gallery. She gives everyone a warm and engaging welcome and won't want you to miss a thing while you are browsing throughout the gallery. If she loves something she can't help but share it with you! When Raine isn't busy being the hostess with the mostess here at the gallery, she enjoys hanging out at home with her two boys, her husband Bob and creating astounding things out of wood in partnership with her husband; using wood burning and painting techniques to bring the creations to life. Her benches, clocks, and mirrors fly out of here as soon as we get them in!